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How Silly Scriptures® Cartoons Are Made

Although the process of making a Silly Scriptures® cartoon is overseen by a producer, it is largely a collaborative effort between the writer, composer and animator (click here to see upcoming cartoons).


A Silly Scriptures® cartoon starts with collaboration between the writer and the composer. Often, the writer has a basic idea for the lyrics, which they then present to the composer. Together, the two discuss what they are trying to say, and how they can best say it both lyrically and musically. That includes coming up with a main theme or message for the cartoon, and what style of music best supports telling the story and enhancing the characters. This collaboration process sometimes involves re-writing lyrics and music multiple times, until finally a song is written that is both educational and entertaining. All Silly Scriptures® music, with the exception of Jonah, were composed and recorded by Nathan Farrington - Hazard Audio.



When the writer and composer are confident that the song is well written, the composer finalizes the music and records voice talent. The producer and composer work together to select the right voice with the right character.  Developing the song usually takes about 6 weeks to complete.

After the song is locked (music and vocals are complete) the finished song is storyboarded. Storyboarding is an absolute necessity in order to save on animation costs. Storyboarding gives the animator a very specific presentation of what and when things are to happen visually.


As storyboarding begins, character design takes place. The writer describes his vision for what characters should look like, and collaboration begins with the designer/animator. Characters are designed to be unique to the character’s personality, while still fitting into an overall design in which all characters look like they belong together, in the same story.


Finally, animation begins. During the animation process, the producer gives notes to the animator as updates are given, in case there are things that need to be changed or adjusted. The animation usually takes about 6 weeks to complete.

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