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What are Silly Scriptures?


Silly Scriptures® tell bible stories in short, catchy songs.  These original songs are written with one goal in mind:  to teach kids about the Bible in a fun, exciting way. We are also developing digital comics that use the characters to tell the Bible stories in more detail.


The initial response to Silly Scriptures® has been overwhelmingly positive. When you purchase Silly Scriptures®  FUNSHEETS and merchandise, you help us raise the money necessary to make more cartoons!


It’s well known that kids learn best when they are enjoying themselves.  As the name suggests, Silly Scriptures are a fun way to learn about the Bible.  By being both educational AND entertaining, Silly Scriptures not only teach kids about the Bible, but also help them retain what they’ve learned.


Regardless of the device they use to watch their Silly Scriptures cartoons, your children will love watching them again and again. As a parent, you can appreciate that their your children are watching 

stories that will make them more knowledgeable about Jesus and the Bible.  Because children love to share their favorite things with their friends, Silly Scriptures® offer a great opportunity for kids to share these stories with other kids who may not otherwise ever hear the Good News.

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